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You will recieve a download link as soon as your purchase is completed. You will also recieve an e-mail with the link. If you lost this information, don’t worry! Your files are always available for download in your Etsy profile:

Click on ”You”, Purchases and Reviews, and there you will find download links for all your digital files.

You can also check this helpful link for more info:

If you have trouble with any of our printables, please follow these steps:

  1. First, please make sure you have downloaded the file to your computer (a tablet will not work).
  2. Next make sure to open the file in Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you have it open in a web browser window it usually doesn’t work properly, so open it in Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you don’t have it, or need a newer version you can get it for free here:


Please see each listing on Etsy where we have written instructions for every specific insert.

You can also check our guide Master your printer to figure out exactly how your printer works, like how to print double sided even if your printer can’t do it automatically.

Then you do it manually! Check our guide Master your printer to find out exactly how to do it with your specific printer. This is also very helpful if you have access to more than one printer and they function differently.

There is also information on this link:

Unfortunately some printers aren’t very exact when they turn pages automatically. Usually the front page is correct, and the back page gets slightly offset. 

A workaround is to print the front pages only, turn your prints over and manually reload them, and then print back pages only. Usually the print gets more evenly placed when using this method.
To see how to do this, check our guide Master your printer.

You can also check this link:

Most of our printables have cutlines. But what if you want to print A5 directly onto A5 paper? (Or personal size on personal sized paper and so on).

Just make sure to print in Actual size, and the cutlines will not print. The print will be exactly to size and the cutlines will be automatically discarded by the printing software.

Most of our inserts have cutlines. When you print a bunch of inserts in the same size, clip them together with binder clips, or use your stapler to keep them all together neatly.

Then use a paper knife and a ruler, and cut on a cutting mat (or a piece of thick cardboard to keep your table top secure).

Don’t cut all the way, just cut your inserts out of your bundle. Slow and steady cuts while pressing down firmly on the ruler will give you clean cuts.

When all pages have been cut out yoy canpuch them and put them in your binder.

For A5 printed on A4 paper, just cut once in the middle. Don’t staple them together, but you can use binder clips if you prefer.

If you don’t have a hole punch for your size binder, you can use a single hole punch. Check out our guide on how to do this and to find the right placement of the holes.

If you have a holepunch for your size, just punch away!

Click here for a comparison of sizes and a list of what they are called by different manufacturers.
We have also included printable guides so you can check the sizes for yourself. The guides have holes marked, so you can use at as a template if you only have a single hole punch available! Read more about using a single hole punch here.

Remember to print in Actual size (100%, no page scaling) or the print might not come out in the correct size.

There are several adjustable hole punches available, such as the Rapesco and the Bind System Planner Hole punch. You can also use for example filofax’s hole punches for each size. 

We use the terms used by filofax, which are the most common names. Other brands sometimes use different names. 

Click here for a comparison of sizes and a list of what they are called by different manufacturers.
We have also included free printable guides so you can check or try out the sizes for yourself.

Sorry, but that would be to expensive with both printing and shipping. What is great about our printables is you can edit them yourself, and add information that is relevant to you before you print. You can however have a print shop print a set for you, but they are not allowed to keep any copy of the file. Show them the instructions written in the listing of your file. In the future we might offer some inserts printed in our Etsy shop.


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