Free SVG pattern

Free patterns for your Cricut or Silhouette

There is a popular pattern that is copyrighted and cannot be used without a license. Sometimes people use this pattern without knowing it isn’t allowed, and could get into trouble. So I created these two patterns that are similar, but free for personal and small home based businesses to use. They come in PNG, SVG and PDF. Enjoy!

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Making a dotted notebook from free printables

How I made this booklet

Our free dotted printable papers come in many sizes and with two grid sizes, 5 mm (most common) and smaller 3,5 mm. They can be used in ringbound planners and binders, or why not make a notebook!

I used the 5 mm grid, A4 horizontal version 1 for my Traveler’s Notebook in regular size. A4 folded once to A5 is the same height as the TN regular, but it is slimmer, so I had to cut the width once it was put together.

You will find more printable goodies on the Freebie page


You will need:

  • Printed dotted pages
  • A kraft paper for your cover
  • A bone folder (optional)
  • A stapler or needle and thread 
  • A paper knife and a cutting mat
  • A ruler, metal if you have it

I choose the 5 mm grid in A4 horizontal size (version 1) from free dotted printable papers page.

I printed 11 sheets which will make a total of 44 pages in my booklet.

Fold all pages including your cover sheet

Fold all pages…

…smoothing them out with a bone folder. This step is optional. 

Combine pages into one signature

Place your folded pages inside of one another.

Looks like a booklet already!

Top view of folded pages with cover.


Staple the spine to make a booklet

I have a stapler with a twisting arm. It lets me staple in the right direction for the spine.

It staples perfectly in the spine.

If you don’t have a stapler with a twisting arm, or one that is specially made for stapling a spine, you still have options!

You can use regular staples, but poke the holes in the spine yourself with a needle, drawing pin or something pointy. Then push the staple through, and bend on the inside.

Use needle and thread and stitch the spine.

Cut to size

Your booklet should now be A5 size, and you could leave it like that. However, there will be overhang towards the center, due to the thickness of the papers.

Measure 11 cm (110 mm or 4.3 inches) from the spine. Make a little mark with a pencil at both the top and bottom.

Place your ruler by your marks and cut! Press down hard on you ruler and pass the knife close to the ruler over the pages many times…

…until all pages are cut through. The booklet is now ready to be decorated and used!

Decorating the cover

I chose to use stickers from our soon opening shop to decorate my cover. 

I placed my new booklet in my Traveler’s Notebook cover and now have a fresh new place for notes.

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Free Today-ruler with your own text

Free printable – make your own planner ruler!

Put your own text on the top tab
You can use multiple rulers throughout your planner, with different text on the tabs.

Make your own ruler for your planner. Put your own text on the tab! We offer this freebie for personal use in sizes that fit Pocket, Personal and A5 planners. The A5 also fits standard sized Traveler’s Notebooks. Also choose between metric and inches.

  1. Get your file on the Freebies page
  2. Download and open in Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer
  3. Edit the text on the tab
  4. Print your ruler on cardstock – Make sure you print in Actual size, or your ruler will have wrong measurements. You can print on A4 or Letter size.
  5. Optional: Laminate your ruler
  6. Punch and put in your binder, or use as is if you use a TN
  7. Optional: cut slits by the holes to make it easy to change around in your planner


Print in Actual size (100%)

Make sure you print in “Actual size” (scale 100%) or the ruler will come out the wrong size. This is what it looks like in Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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To do-list sticky notes freebie

Free printable – make your own sticky notes!

  1. Get the files from our Freebie page
  2. Download the GUIDE file and the PRINT file. Choose Portrait or Landscape version.
  3. Print the GUIDE file – Make sure you print in Actual size/pagescaling 100%. You can print on A4 or Letter size.
  4. Place your regular sized sticky notes (like Post-its) on the squares on the guide sheet.
  5. Reload the guide into your printer
  6. Print the PRINT file – Make sure you print in Actual size/pagescaling 100%

Choose Portrait or Landscape

The sticky notes will come out the same in both versions, but you can help your printer by placing the sticky notes so that the sticky part goes into the printer first. That way it’s less risk of paper jam.

  • Get the files on our Freebie page
  • Choose Portrait or Landscape
  • You can print on A4 or Letter size
  • Make sure you print in “Actual size” (scale 100%) or the guides and print will come out the wrong size!

Print in Actual size (100%)

Make sure you print in “Actual size” (scale 100%) or the guide and the print will come out the wrong size. This is what it looks like in Adobe Acrobat Reader.


Place your sticky notes on the guide

Print your GUIDE first, making sure to print in “Actual size” (100%). Use regular sized sticky notes in size 76×76 mm or  3×3 inch, like the classic Post its or any other brand you have on hand. Place them on your guide sheet with the sticky edge upwards.

A great tip is to pull your sticky note from the side, and not from the bottom. It makes the sticky note keep straight, and you don’t get as much curve when you place them on the guide sheet.

Print the sticky notes on your guide

Print the PRINT file on your sticky notes on your guide sheet. Again, make sure you are printing in Actual size, or page scaling 100 %.

Two of the notes are designed to be cut in half, giving you two slim sticky notes. Perfect in smaller planners!

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