Advent calendar with your own photos!

Count the days until Christmas with this multilingual printable advent calendar. Use your own photos, or draw pictures in each box. Fun to do with kids! (But let an adult do the cutting). The headline is also editable, giving you lots of language options!

Choose between leaving each door attached when opening, or to be removed completely on each day, revealing a cheerful gallery wall of pictures of your own choosing. One each day until the holidays.


How to make it

Choose either A4 or Letter size, both are included.

How to create the front:

  • Open the FRONT file in Adobe Acrobat Reader (yes, even if you have Acrobat Pro!) on a computer (a tablet will not work). Get Adobe here for free
  • Write your own holiday greeting (some alphabets will get a different font)
  • Save if you want to be able to edit later
  • Print in Actual size on good paper (glossy photopaper or your choice)

Use your own square photos, or create your own art. Both options included!

How to create the inside:

  • Open the INSIDE file in Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Click on each numbered square to add your own SQUARE image
  • You can use bonus images included if you don’t have enough images
  • Print in Actual size on good paper
  • Save if you want to be able to edit later
Optional: Use the “draw yourself”-file instead, and create your own art!

How to put it together:

  • Cut each frame, but not fully, just so it still stays attached, but is easy to remove later. Cut the corners good, that makes it easier to open. Leave a little bit in the middle of each side you cut.
  • Choose to have the doors stay attached once opened (leave one side uncut), or completely removed.
  • Make sure to put the front on top of the inside, and that they are both turned upwards
  • Glue edges together or use double sided tape
  • Optional: put a piece of ribbon or a paper clip as a top holder to be able to hang your advent calendar easily

Some extra tips:

Cut the frames, but leave a tiny bit still attached. Choose to have the door stay attached when opened, or taken off completely.

Click on any picture 
to see a larger version!

Complete the inside file, either draw yourself version, or the photo version. It is supereasy, open the file in Adobe Acrobat Reader, click on each square and choose your square image for each number! The numbers are also written on top of each square to make it easier.

Included are also bonus pictures that you are free to use in addition to your own!
There is also a white square to add if you want to combine drawing and photos, truly making it your own one of a kind advent calendar!

Use glue or double sided sticky tape to put together. Now you are all done and can surprise friends and family with a unique way to count the days until the holidays!

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